Sunday, April 03, 2005

Hands Up I love You

Hands up


There's no use to complain
Or start it off again
There's no sign of weakness in me
Do I compel you like you compel me?
And nothing stays the same
And no one said it would
I would not think of such things if I could...
If I could help myself,
If I could

So put your warm little hands where I can see them
Put those hands on my face
Tell me you love me
And no one else
Or close those little hands
Now they're fists
Now they're little fists

Punch a hole in me with those fists
If you ever wanted to punch a hole in me
And find out what's in me
There's really nothing in me

And nothing stays the same
And nothing ever happens to you that will happen to you again
Or is this the way it was?
Was it this same room, this same fight, this same scene?
With us dancing on the kitchen floor
And the wind climbing in through the open window

I used to hear distant cracks out in the city night
I could swear some one was being shot down
Now we hear that all the time...

So do you like where we're headed?
Does it make sense in your eyes?
Do you miss me, baby, when I fall asleep?
Do you reach out for my arm?
Do you find it's too far away?
Do you?

Now tell me I'm handsome
I will tell you we are really not old at all
There's no use to complain

Still you and no one else

So put your warm little hands where I can see them
Put those hands on my face
Now if you get any out of this
Then that's the thing that makes me sleep all day
And I'll explain my love for you
On another day


Anonymous said...

Ricardo, algo se passa. Não consigo ver uma única imagem. Se o problema não for daqui é daí! LOL
Bom, mas também reparei que nomeaste as fotos com espaços e acentuação e a maior parte dos blogs não "gosta" disso. Bjinhos****

2depaus said...

Peço desculpa pelo problema, mas teve a ver com o, que ontem, por alguma razão que me escapou, não dava acesso nem ao site nem às páginas onde estão guardadas as imagens. Acho que hoje já é possível ver tudo.

Bjs :)